We are a reality built on a consolidated entrepreneurial experience and strong of a high level managerial structure that counts on more than 30 collaborators, among which 18 technicians and 5 designers. With more than 600 active customers, we are a point of reference for each area of waste water and bio-waste, providing a global service of excellence. The in-depth knowledge of the main applications combined with a technical approach to the problems to be solved leads us to be a "partner" in the relationship with the customer.


With a high-level management structure of more than 30 employees, including 18 technicians and 5 designers, we are ready to take on the most stimulating challenges and provide efficient solutions to customer demands. We work independently, each within our own areas of specialization, but we are also strongly integrated and involved from the human point of view by sharing the values of work and respect for the environment.


We design, manufacture and recondition machinery for water treatment plants and industrial processes. On more than 250 machines and equipment processed every year we ensure a prompt and efficient after-sales technical assistance service. We have a well-stocked warehouse of original spare parts for prompt delivery. Eco-green solving attitude is the company claim we have chosen to describe in a few words our purpose, the direction of our business and the contribution we can give to customers and society.


SCAE boasts ISO 9001 - ISO 14001 - ISO 45001 certifications, which proves that it fully meets the requirements for designing, implementing and maintaining a quality system over time. These are those requirements that representatives of industry and national standardization bodies believe can positively influence the quality of products and services offered, according to the well-known concept of "consistent supply over time" which is based on the ability of the organization to continuously provide products and services according to a certain level of quality. SCAE is in the favorable position of meeting these requirements in every product or service that is provided to every customer and possessing the ability to anticipate future customer needs in order to provide products and services that will meet their future needs.


Our Code of Ethics defines the principles and rules of behavior adopted in SCAE, a concrete expression of the values that guide us in our relations with all stakeholders and all those who interact with our organization. The document is an indispensable prerequisite for the proper conduct of the company's strategic choices and all its activities, with the aim of preserving its value and integrity over time. Special attention is paid to our commitment to operate with full respect for the environment in order to responsibly preserve the resources of the Planet we inhabit.


We believe in the social responsibility of manufacturing companies and work to preserve the environment in which people live. Our long-term vision is to assist customers in the ecological transition to reduce their impact on the planet. Operating in respect of the environment today means not only promoting social and economic well-being but also laying the foundations for future life on a healthy and clean territory. The theme of environmental sustainability sees us as accomplices and protagonists in the research and development of advanced technical and mechanical solutions.