Together for the environment

SCAE's commitment to nature is to preserve its abundance and beauty for present and future generations, with the aim of passing on to them the values and traditions that support the long-term development of human and environmental communities.

SCAE promotes the use of technologies and machinery that do not harm the environment. We provide companies with machines and equipment designed to preserve the environment during production and transformation processes. We care about ecology and our own internal activities of making and reconditioning machinery are economically, socially and environmentally sustainable.

Principles that inspire us

  • Protect life on earth by deploying measures to protect terrestrial ecosystems and technologies to safeguard the land.
  • Ensure health and well-being by guaranteeing the access of every human being to safe and healthy environments.
  • Prioritize sustainable procurement, traceable supply chains and clean energy.
  • Conserve natural capital by managing the availability and quality of natural resources.
  • Control and reduction of environmental impacts.
  • Centrality of innovative technologies and related research and development processes.
  • Requirement for sustainable and environmentally friendly economic growth.