Easy Press ZEUS

Mechanical sludge dewatering unit

ZEUS Easy Press is a monoblock package for thickening and/or dewatering sludge in civil and industrial wastewater treatment plants. At maximum operating speed our Auger Press has low operating and maintenance costs that more than compensate for the lower costs of sludge transport and disposal, generating real savings in economic terms and a tangible advantage for the environment.

Disegno Marchio

The ZEUS Easy Press offers a valid solution for both sludge thickening and dewatering in small and medium-sized sewage treatment plants, both civil and industrial. It can be also successfully applied in various industrial processes that require solid-liquid separation by flocculation. Low operating and maintenance costs and a compact design have been the objectives that SCAE s.r.l. has achieved over the years with feasibility studies, technical design, control tests and the realisation of a line of ready-to-use machines with different execution configurations.

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The Easy Press ZEUS has all the equipment to complete the dehydratation section such as: the single screw electric pumps for feeding the sludge and for the polyelectrolyte dosage, sludge and polyelectrolyte flow meters, the polyelectrolyte preparation station and any augers for transporting the dehydratated sludge.
In this way the Easy Press Zeus turns to be a complete monobloc treatment package.



The main part of the Easy Press ZEUS consists of one or more screw augers (depending on the different models) with shaft. This axis flows inside a kind of channel made by alternated fixed and moving discs. These discs are entirely made of AISI 304 or 316L stainless steel.
The sludge enters from the sludge inlet area positioned at the beginning of each single pressing screw after being conditioned in the special flocculation tank; then, it is transported by the spiral movement of the auger and finally it is progressively dehydratated and compacted.
The water is separated from the sludge through the space created between the moving discs; this movement also promotes the continuous self-cleaning of the spaces between them, consequently it prevents the obstruction or the blockage of the machine. Thanks to this innovative system, the machine needs a lower washing water quantity than the other types of equipment on the market as regards dehydratation sludge.



  • Self-cleaning, it requires very small quantities of washing water;
  • Compact shape and small overall dimension;
  • Constant and automatic operation 24/24 hours with minimum operator presence request;
  • Reduced and simple maintenance and cleaning;
  • It has no rotors which require periodic maintenance;
  • Low power requirements and reduced energy consumption compared to other systems ;
  • High reliability and long-lasting quality;


  • urban sewage;
  • food and beverage industry;
  • dairy industry;
  • slaughterhouses and meat processing;
  • textile industry and laundries;
  • pulp and paper industry;
  • chemical and pharmaceutical industry;
  • oil and hydrocarbons industry;
  • leather and hide processing;
  • animal breeding;
  • biogas plants from agricultural matrices and industrial waste;
  • mining and metallurgical industry.

Main technical features:

SeriesModelNominal Diameter screws and N°Dimension (mm)Weight (kg)Flow-rate (lt/h) at 2 barInstalled power (kW)
LenghtWidthHeightDryIn process
SMALLZEUS 262130×120754451210240330500,24
ZEUS 402200×124655851535400650500,55
600ZEUS 602300×1333072518908601250501,3
ZEUS 604300×2353011151875130019001002,05
700ZEUS 702350×13820825218016902420701,65
ZEUS 704350×2392013752180310047001402,95
ZEUS 706350×3412019152180392054302104,4
ZEUS 708350×4468527552180570077102805,5
800ZEUS 802400×13820825218019502900802,05
ZEUS 804400×2392013752180330049001603,75
ZEUS 806400×3412019152180435067502405,6
ZEUS 808400×4468527552180610089603207,1

Powers and capacities:

SeriesModelNominal Diameter screws and N°Dry matter capacity
Concentration range20.000 mg/L 2%30.000 mg/L 3%40.000 mg/L 4%
SMALLZEUS 262130×14≈12 kg/h≈ 0.5 mc/h≈ 0.4 mc/h≈ 0.3 mc/h
ZEUS 402200×18≈20 kg/h≈ 0.75 mc/h≈ 0.6 mc/h≈ 0.5 mc/h
600ZEUS 602300×120≈60 kg/h≈ 2.5 mc/h≈ 2 mc/h≈ 1.5 mc/h
ZEUS 604300×240≈120 kg/h≈ 5 mc/h≈ 4 mc/h≈ 3 mc/h
700ZEUS 702350×140≈120 kg/h≈ 5 mc/h≈ 4 mc/h≈ 3 mc/h
ZEUS 704350×280≈240 kg/h≈ 10 mc/h≈ 8 mc/h≈ 6 mc/h
ZEUS 706350×3120≈360 kg/h≈ 15 mc/h≈ 12 mc/h≈ 9 mc/h
ZEUS 708350×4160≈480 kg/h≈ 20 mc/h≈ 16 mc/h≈ 13 mc/h
800ZEUS 802400×167.5≈160 kg/h≈ 6.5 mc/h≈ 5 mc/h≈ 4 mc/h
ZEUS 804400×2135≈320 kg/h≈ 13 mc/h≈ 10 mc/h≈ 8 mc/h
ZEUS 806400×3200≈480 kg/h≈ 19.5 mc/h≈ 15 mc/h≈ 12 mc/h
ZEUS 808400×4266≈640 kg/h≈ 26 mc/h≈ 20 mc/h≈ 16 mc/h